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Verdant Culture: Sustaining Culture Amid Covid-19

Verdant Culture in COVID-19

As we all know, COVID-19 has brought about many challenges for us. Especially for small and large businesses, Verdant Solar experienced no difference. Like most companies, we too struggled and faced many obstacles amid the pandemic that shook the world. The worst challenge was, of course, working from home. As the pandemic got worse, employees were gradually feeling the strain and suffocation that come with minimal movement.

While employees were having a hard time adapting to the new changes, employers were also struggling to sustain the business. It was a daily challenge to keep the company going. This trying situation needed a new way of doing things and also leaned back on its work culture.

How does Verdant culture help?

We decided to hold on to the core values that created Verdant culture in the first place, namely the value of building a positive team and family spirit. It was both crucial and necessary because we need to make sure that we take proper care of our employees rather than adding to the hardships that they are already going through.

To reduce the stress that employees and employers undergo, we at Verdant Solar increase flexibility and make it performance-based. For example, we meet up on Mondays as a weekly check-up on our progress. This meeting gives a sense of inclusiveness to fellow Verdiants. Plus, it maintains a constant level of engagement among Verdiants and shows them that they are being guided by their colleagues and team members and that they are not alone.

We even have games that everyone can participate in. Moreover, we have a virtual office called Gather Town, where we can gather anytime. It is a meeting place where we can talk to each other about anything. This helps with the loneliness that comes with working from home and makes Verdiants feel less suffocated.

Verdant culture with building positive team and family spirit is so important during this period. It is able to bring Verdiants together and strengthen the bond among us. This value helps us physically and mentally. It is like having a support system that is ready to help us.

Why is Verdant culture important?

It is important that they know that, and that is what our company tries very hard to achieve. We find ways to keep our employees motivated with the Verdant culture. At the end of the day, our Verdiants are the ones who propel us forward.

Once the stress and worry are taken away from them, employees begin to trust in the culture and are united to pull through this hardship together. There is a sense of security, and this makes them productive despite the situation during the MCO.

Working from home for months is not an easy task. It is important for us to acknowledge that the number of suicide cases during the pandemic has increased tremendously. 468 suicide cases in the first five months in the 2021.That is why we at Verdant Solar value our employees’ mental and physical health. As mentioned before, the well-being of Verdiants is our utmost priority.

Verdant Solar a second home for employees

Hence, we continuously innovate to ensure our team continues to grow while staying bonded amid crises. In our effort to make Verdant Solar a second home for us, career progression and well-being are two things we equally care about. We strive to be a family.

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