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Verdant, specializes in helping home owners and business owners to increase their building’s energy efficiency with the ultimate goals of helping them to reduce energy consumption, increase building’s comfort level and provide quality & healthy lifestyle.

At Verdant, we believe in harvesting the sun for energy & reducing CO2 emissions for a liveable, carbon-neutral world. We are committed to offer high-quality, durable products to our customers. In a long run, Verdant missions to create a better and cleaner living environment to advocate sustainable energy worldwide.

Our Products

Verdant Star Solar Roof Ventilator

The Verdant Star Solar Roof Ventilator is designed to take advantage of free and clean solar energy to cool down your home and protect your home from airborne moisture related damage to building materials.

During hot day time, heat from the sun accumulated inside the attic space, making your attic space unbearably hot. That heat can transfer down to your living space, causes your air conditioner to work harder, causing your energy bill to go up. Keeping your attic cool using Verdant Star Solar Roof Ventilator is a green solution for comfort living and a way to save money.

In every home, moisture and humid air from activities such as showering, cooking and doing the laundry can lead to mildews that damage plasterboard, weaken building materials and lead to electrical and health problems.

The solar ventilators whisper quiet operation causes no interior noise transfer. Excess noise is a common and unpreventable problem when bearings eventually fail in common rotary-vent type designs. Rotary-type ventilators rely on wind velocity to circulate air. The Verdant Star Solar Roof Ventilator operates without this reliance and provides effective ventilation during hot, sunny, windy or windless days.

Why go Verdant Star?

  • Cooler and comfortable building
  • By constantly exhaust the heat inside your attic, Verdant Star Solar Roof Ventilator cools down your attic throughout the day and reducing heat transfer into your home.

  • save on energy bill
  • By harnessing the power of the sun, Verdant Star Solar Roof Ventilator cost nothing to operate and are virtually maintenance-free.

  • easy installation and maintenance
  • Verdant Star Solar Roof Ventilator require no electrical wiring, making them easy to install and maintain.

  • prolonged roof life
  • Verdant Star Solar Roof Ventilator prevent heat and moisture from reaching critical levels, your attic stays cool and dry. As a result, prolonged roof life.

Product Features

  • Fully solar-powered with no operating costs
  • Operates without reliance on wind velocity
  • Whisper quiet brushless DC motor
  • Reduces moisture, mould and heat levels
  • Rust resistant galvanised steel frame
  • Non-corrosive aluminium fan blade
  • Helps prevent damage to electrical systems
  • Reduces cooling energy costs
  • Auto-adjusts speed to available sunlights
  • Tempered glass solar panel component


Ventilator Model Air Exchange
CFM (Cubic Feet per Min)
VS 1350 (18W) 1350
VS 1750 (30W) 1750
Roof Area (Square Foot) Ventilator Quantity
VS 1350 (18W)
Ventilator Quantity
VS 1750 (30W)
<1000sqft 1 1
1001-1300sqft 2 1
1301-2000sqft 2 2
2001-2600sqft 3+ 2
2600+sqft 3+ 3+

Solar PV System

At Verdant Solar, we believe in sustainable living. By harvesting the sun for energy, we will never lack of energy as long as sun shine. Verdant Solar is committed to bring you the best quality of Solar PV System. By utilising the solar power incentive from government (SEDA), we help you earn passive income for the next 21 years. Hassle free.

Why go solar?

  • Passive Income Generator
  • By selling back the clean energy generated to Tenaga Berhad (TNB), Solar PV System is a stable passive income generator for you for the next 21 years.

  • Cooler Home
  • Solar panel on top of your roof cools down your house temperature.

  • Go Green
  • Generating energy in CLEAN way, you are helping the world to reduce the CO2 emissions. Go Solar, Go Green!

  • New Lifestyle
  • Imagine how cool you are for installing solar on your roof, and the fact you are now socially respected for going green.

Coolbox Save Energy Saving Hybrid Air Conditioning System

Verdant Solar is highly committed to provide technologically advanced solutions benefitting building ventilation. Coolbox Save Energy Saving Hybrid Air Conditioning System, a clean technology hybrid system auto recycles the heat emitted by the compressor which in turn reduces its load enabling a reduction of air conditioner electricity bill by 50%!

Why go Coolbox Save?

  • 50% Reduction on Air Condition Electricity Bill
  • Coolbox Save is designed to auto recycle compressor’s own heat to reduce compressor’s load. By reducing the energy needed for compressor load, Coolbox Save is proven to save the air condition electricy bill up to 50%.

  • Cleaner Indoor Air Quality
  • With built in Ionizer, Coolbox Save give you cleaner indoor air quality.

  • Let’s Go Green
  • By using Ozone depletion potential zero R407C refrigerant, Coolbox Save minimizes hazard to the environment.

What our client says

Installer came all the way from KL to Muar and was very punctual. Installation was fast and professionally done. The result....Worked perfectly as promised...No more hot and stuffy interior. Ventilation has drastically improved...Only regret is....Should have come across this superb products earlier !!!! Thank you Verdant Solar !!!

Cunix Benz,

Great product and superb installer. Installation was done timely.

Noorhisham Anas,
Bandar Kinrara Puchong

Yes, Surau’s ventilation is much better after we installed 4 units of Verdant Star 30W Solar Ventilator. So not hot anymore, air flow was good with big fan switch on. We can feel the different after installation especially during Friday prayer. Good job.

Haji Amin,
Surau Al-Mustaqimah,
Cheras Indah

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