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Verdant Solar Employee Recycling Program

Verdant Solar has launched an engaging recycling programme within its organisation, recognising the importance of small acts that can significantly impact our planet. Verdant Solar’s employees actively collect recyclable waste to foster a green lifestyle, contributing to a more sustainable future from within the company. Through this initiative, Verdiants made a difference in the first month by bringing recyclable materials from their homes, including over 10kg of paper and 3.5kg of plastic and aluminium.

Employee Recycling Programme

Adding to the program’s excitement, Verdant Solar has joined forces with Dual Blessing, an organisation dedicated to providing career opportunities to individuals who are intellectually and physically disabled or those in recovery from drug addiction. Verdant Solar’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond environmental initiatives. By partnering with Dual Blessing, we actively create a positive social impact. Through technical and occupational training, Dual Blessing equips individuals facing unique challenges with valuable skills, empowering them to reintegrate into society and lead fulfilling lives.

This collaboration exemplifies the belief that sustainability encompasses more than just ecological concerns; it also fosters inclusivity and supports communities in need. Verdant Solar invites the entire community to join us in a sustainable future. By embracing small acts of recycling, we can collectively make a significant difference in preserving our planet for generations. Verdant Solar’s employee recycling programme is a testament to the power of individual actions to create a more positive impact. We actively contribute to environmental sustainability by collecting and adequately managing recyclable waste. As we strive towards a sustainable future, remember that even small acts can lead to transformative change.


Join Verdant Solar and our community in making a lasting difference for our planet and those in need. Together, we can create a greener and more inclusive world.

Verdant Solar: The Hope

In response to the recent floods in Kampung Parit Hj Me’an, Yong Peng, Verdant Solar demonstrated its commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) by assisting affected communities. After pledging RM10,000, we have successfully raised RM13,180 worth of goods through the generous support of Verdiants and their friends and family. With each Flood Relief Package costing RM150, our team travelled to the area and distributed necessities such as food supplies, sanitary products, and toiletries to sixty affected families.

The Hope CSR Program

As a company that promotes renewable energy, we believe in supporting communities affected by natural disasters. This is why we launched the Hope CSR program, which aims to reach out to more communities in Malaysia in the future.

We invited the Johor branch to join us in our efforts to positively impact communities in need. We are pleased to announce that the event was a success, and we want to thank all those who participated for their support. By working together, we were able to provide much-needed relief and support to those affected by the floods.

Engaging in CSR initiatives such as the Hope programme assists those in need and helps build stronger relationships with our communities and stakeholders. At Verdant Solar, we believe it’s our responsibility as a corporate citizens to contribute to society and support the most vulnerable. We remain committed to our CSR efforts and look forward to continuing to make a positive impact in the communities we serve.

The aftermath of floods resulted in ruined furniture, loss of livestock, and no access to electricity for the small kampung in Johor, but we have witnessed the victims brighten up after receiving much-needed support! Join us today to bring HOPE to those in need!

Verdant Solar: Malaysia Book of Records The #1 Residential Home Solar Provider

The title alone speaks for what you’re about to read. Our company, Verdant Solar, is the number one residential home solar provider, and that has become a known fact over the years. Instead of gloating, let our results speak for themselves, and you can decide.

Best Home Solar Provider

Since 2013, we have ventured into the renewable energy industry with a pure mission to make the world a better place. We aim to provide the best solar energy service by including quality and wholesome installations. Our company’s solution is largely used by prominent industries such as Petronas, Daikin, Bandar Utama, Dutch Lady, 99 Speedmart, Mavisco, and other key brands.

According to Utusan Malaysia, Verdant Solar aims to double residential home solar installations this year, which would be 1,300 compared to 650 last year. The Chief Executive Officer of Verdant Solar, Zeth Lim, said the increase in residential home solar installation targets this year was mainly driven by the good response received by the company over the past two years.

Zeth Lim confirmed that the target increase is in line with the good response received from our customers and that the company also has an order book that will help it achieve that target. In addition, market acceptance is also increasing home solar installation with the help of ambassadors, who are there to promote solar installations for homes. Therefore, Zeth said in a press conference that he is confident that we can achieve our target this year. 

Malaysia Book of Records

Here is something many of you might not know: Verdant Solar has also been recognized as the largest annual supplier of residential home solar systems by the Malaysia Book of Records (MBOR)! 

This event was held on February 16, 2023, at Colony Star Boulevard KLCC with the press and top ambassadors present. It was a great tribute for us, and this has opened many more opportunities for us as a green tech company. 

Residential Solar Systems

Did you know that over the past year, Verdant Solar has helped property and residential owners in Malaysia reduce their electricity bills by up to 90 percent through the installation of solar energy systems? 

Zeth also mentioned that by 2022, our energy solutions will have helped save RM9 million in annual electrical costs. As utility costs across the country continue to rise, our company aims to be the pioneer that makes solar energy more accessible and easier for homeowners to own. 

Although solar energy is readily available, not all Malaysians understand its advantages for the environment, the economy, and the future. We are dedicated to helping Malaysia reach its 31 percent renewable energy goal, set by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (MESTECC).

Verdant Solar: What is next?

Being mentioned in Malaysia’s Book of Records has been a great honor, and Verdant Solar wants to live up to that honor given to us. By being named in the MBOR, we want to promote the transition of Malaysia’s energy industry further away from traditional fossil fuels and towards a more sustainable future, matching our targets from the very beginning.

In the near future, Verdant Solar plans to expand its offering into the field of electric vehicles (EVs) by supplying EV chargers, battery systems, and panels. We aim to become more than just a home solar company. According to Zeth Lim, we are thrilled to announce that our group is currently in the process of discussions with several manufacturers and partners about its future plans.

We understand that we have a long journey ahead, and it will not be easy. We see this as the beginning of a strong rise in technologies in the renewable energy industry that will allow us to reach more homeowners in Malaysia. In the short run, we hope to see an increase in the understanding of solar power among Malaysians.

Local Malaysian company Verdant Solar becomes Malaysia’s largest residential solar provider

We are excited to officially announce: Verdant Solar To Expand Our Local Footprint In Johor.

As a result of Verdant Solar’s continued growth and development, we are expanding to the southern part of Malaysia: Johor!

In August 2022, the government announced an allocation for the distribution of 1,200 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy for solar power. After installing more than 200 projects in Johor, we decided to set up a new base in Johor Bahru to give our customers the best experience and service throughout their solar journey.

Meanwhile, we would like to thank all our customers for making this happen! This new expansion has proven us a success in this area and we promise to strive harder to serve you the best!

Speaking of expansion, it also means we are hiring!
For more information, contact us @
Office number: +60374992251; or
Email:; or
Visit our Johor office. We are located at Verdant Solar Unit 10-14, Austin 18, Jalan Austin Perdana 3, Taman Austin Perdana, 81100, Johor Bahru, Johor.

Verdant Solar Penang: We are happy to announce that we are finally here in Penang!

You heard it right! Verdant Solar Penang branch is now open! It is our first northern region store in Butterworth, Penang. Nearing the heart of Georgetown, our office lies in the largest urban town in the city of Seberang Perai, giving us more excuses to enjoy those tasty Nasi Kandar in town!

Penang Lang! Visit us at Verdant Solar Penang

Here at Verdant Solar, as a solar service provider, we are inspired to help the community require their very own solar panels. That being said, Verdant Solar Penang is able to provide local support to the Northern people by delivering the WOW factors that the company is known for. Yes! We are covering not just Penang, but Kedah, Perak, and Perlis as well! With just one call away, our customers are able to expect immediate assistance from our team.

Due to the climate temperature in the northern area of Malaysia, the daytime temperature usually reaches around 31 °C, especially during the month of June, falling to 23 °C at night. As a result, Verdant solar panels are the perfect way to convert light into electricity while enjoying an instant reduction in your electricity bills. How “cool” is that?

In addition, we have a dedicated team in the Verdant Solar Penang office to help guide the headquarters as well as provide face-to-face consultation and reliable services to cater to the customers’ needs. Not only are we keen to ensure customers experience the fastest installation in the market, but you can anticipate and enjoy our 5-star customer-friendly service to support your wonderful solar journey.

Let’s take a look at our recent customer from Penang, Johny Lim. His TNB bills initially cost around the average of RM300 to RM400 every month, and he currently only pays less than RM70 after installing our solar panels. “The team from Verdant Solar is very responsive, patient, and professional! They can cater to your needs based on your financial budget. The job was done quickly and nicely. I would 10/10 recommend.”, said Johny.

What are you waiting for? Sign up with us today and get your hands on our zero-defect guarantee top-tier products and services as well as our iconic 30-day speed guarantee and 25-years warranty!

Verdant x Affin Solar Financing -i Collaboration

We are proud to announce the Verdant x Affin collaboration!

In conjunction with Verdant Solar’s mission, Affin Bank has offered a simple and efficient way for residentials to lower their monthly electricity bills and reduce their carbon footprint. Verdant Solar is privileged to be part of the appointed partner in enjoying this financing collaboration.

According to Affin Islamic Bank Bhd Chief Executive Officer, Nazlee Khalifah, Affin Bank Group has set a target of 5% of its total loan book to be environment, social, and governance (ESG) financing by the year 2025.

The purpose of launching the Verdant x Affin Solar Financing-i is to offer a sustainable financial solution for retail customers as well as home and building owners to purchase and install SPV (Solar Photovoltaic) panels.

Enjoy benefits from Verdant x Affin Solar Energy-i via Verdant Solar:

✅ Up to 10 years financing tenure

✅ Up to RM150,000 financing amount

✅ Up to 100% financial margin + 5% takaful coverage

Solar energy helps to reduce air pollution, improves air quality, and enhances public health in Malaysia and worldwide. The purpose of the scheme is to improve users’ quality of life by reducing their electric bills.

Landed house residents of age between 21 to 60 years old are only eligible for this application.

At Verdant, we thrive to solve global climate change challenges with 100% reliance on renewable energy. To encourage more people to participate in the green movement, Verdant Solar is ready to provide a top-notch experience for our users.

To learn more and get a free consultation, do reach out to us at our contact page!

Verdant SOBA Awards: We received SOBA Awards for Best Employer 2021

Verdant’s SOBA Awards

KUALA LUMPUR: Verdant Solar has been named the Best Employer Award winner in the SOBA Awards 2021. The Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA Awards) bestow unparalleled recognition for the exceptional achievements of the nation’s finest SMEs.

Aligning with Verdant’s mission, the best employer award is intended to accredit the local enterprise with the overall best human capital practices, which include impressive physical working conditions and excellent benefits made available to its employees. SOBA winners are testaments to high achievement and serve as a benchmark for others to aspire to.

“I’ve always believed that our core values are our guiding behaviour, and so long as we live out the core values, they eventually become the culture of our company,” said Zeth Lim, CEO and founder of Verdant Solar. “We’ve always wanted to make Verdant Solar a place where people are happy to work here, a place where people can grow and unleash their potential, where people can make a better living and create a better life for the people around them.”

This Verdant SOBA Award – Best Employer Award is based on five aspects that include: Remuneration, Career Progression, Learning and Development, Welfare, and Workplace Environment. Verdant employs a pay structure designed to entice the younger generation to a faster-paced atmosphere, which has proven beneficial based on a yearly turnover rate of less than 10%. Verdant’s current assessment approach fosters a high-growth culture, with 90% of Verdiants expressing satisfaction with the appraisal technique. To add on, Verdiants are eligible for an annual growth fund to foster a learning attitude and assist them in moving up the professional ladder.

We are proud that we are titled “Best Employer in 2021” for this SOBA Award. Verdant Solar will continue to strive by learning and growing together, providing a second home to Verdiants, while consistently delivering world-class solutions.

Verdant Culture: Sustaining Culture Amid Covid-19

Verdant Culture in COVID-19

As we all know, COVID-19 has brought about many challenges for us. Especially for small and large businesses, Verdant Solar experienced no difference. Like most companies, we too struggled and faced many obstacles amid the pandemic that shook the world. The worst challenge was, of course, working from home. As the pandemic got worse, employees were gradually feeling the strain and suffocation that come with minimal movement.

While employees were having a hard time adapting to the new changes, employers were also struggling to sustain the business. It was a daily challenge to keep the company going. This trying situation needed a new way of doing things and also leaned back on its work culture.

How does Verdant culture help?

We decided to hold on to the core values that created Verdant culture in the first place, namely the value of building a positive team and family spirit. It was both crucial and necessary because we need to make sure that we take proper care of our employees rather than adding to the hardships that they are already going through.

To reduce the stress that employees and employers undergo, we at Verdant Solar increase flexibility and make it performance-based. For example, we meet up on Mondays as a weekly check-up on our progress. This meeting gives a sense of inclusiveness to fellow Verdiants. Plus, it maintains a constant level of engagement among Verdiants and shows them that they are being guided by their colleagues and team members and that they are not alone.

We even have games that everyone can participate in. Moreover, we have a virtual office called Gather Town, where we can gather anytime. It is a meeting place where we can talk to each other about anything. This helps with the loneliness that comes with working from home and makes Verdiants feel less suffocated.

Verdant culture with building positive team and family spirit is so important during this period. It is able to bring Verdiants together and strengthen the bond among us. This value helps us physically and mentally. It is like having a support system that is ready to help us.

Why is Verdant culture important?

It is important that they know that, and that is what our company tries very hard to achieve. We find ways to keep our employees motivated with the Verdant culture. At the end of the day, our Verdiants are the ones who propel us forward.

Once the stress and worry are taken away from them, employees begin to trust in the culture and are united to pull through this hardship together. There is a sense of security, and this makes them productive despite the situation during the MCO.

Working from home for months is not an easy task. It is important for us to acknowledge that the number of suicide cases during the pandemic has increased tremendously. 468 suicide cases in the first five months in the 2021.That is why we at Verdant Solar value our employees’ mental and physical health. As mentioned before, the well-being of Verdiants is our utmost priority.

Verdant Solar a second home for employees

Hence, we continuously innovate to ensure our team continues to grow while staying bonded amid crises. In our effort to make Verdant Solar a second home for us, career progression and well-being are two things we equally care about. We strive to be a family.